"Mike has been absolutely reliable for all of our clients. In over 20 years, we've had nothing but rave reviews, and not a single complaint."

—Joan Scholz, Office Manager, Docherty Talent Agency

"Mike does his homework. He’ll accurately interpret your script and save you time and money by nailing his scenes quickly. You almost feel bad about asking him for a second take because the first one is usually right on the mark! "

—Dale Jones, Senior Producer, BBDO Detroit

"Mike hosts our live Thought Center© webcasts with ease. He leads discussions on complex business issues with C-suite-level executives, Partners and guest speakers with an excellent command of the topics and the medium."

—Ann Monihan, Senior Associate Project Manager, Ernst & Young


I’m sure you believe everything I say about myself, and there is no doubt in your mind that I am a consummate professional who will prove that your choice to hire me was the most intelligent thing you could have done.

However, it’s nicer when other people say it for me, so I’ll let them.